COME ON IN AND MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME! I’m Hannah, and I’ve had the joy of being a Huntsmill Farm wedding photographer since 2018. I’m lucky enough to travel all over the UK shooting the best days of peoples’ lives and having a great time in the process. I’d describe my work as raw, honest, and creative… With a little bit of awesome thrown in!

Having photographed a fair number of weddings at Huntsmill over the last few years, I know the place like the back of my hand and I’ve navigated my way through hot days, snowy days and every kind of weather in between; I’ve always got a contingency when things don’t quite go to plan which I know is a huge reassurance to couples booking weddings here in the UK where the weather is temperamental to say the least, and I have my favourite spots for pictures in every season.

I believe your photos should be a reflection of who your friends and family really are, and that comes from careful people watching and a little bit of nattering with them throughout the day. The last eight years has taught me that being a wedding photographer is so much more than just knowing how to use a camera and my couples tell me I’m like an extra member of the wedding party or even a fairy godmother who can pin button holes, sew dresses and all kinds of other useful things… I’m also a terrible dancer but you’ll find it hard to get me and my cameras off the dance floor, for which I make no apology. You can find out more fun stuff about me here.



Selecting your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in the wedding planning process. I searched for hours and couldn’t find what I was looking for – yet, much to my husband’s frustration, couldn’t describe exactly “what” was missing. So, when I stumbled (aka intentionally stalked the photos of every one of my recently married facebook friends) across a set of Hannah’s photos, it was with sheer relief that I realised I’d found THE ONE. And, yes, finding Hannah and looking through her photos really did feel like falling in love all over again.

So, how to describe Hannah’s photography… real, honest, unashamed, vibrant, emotional, natural, fun.

Hannah will be in amongst every moment of your day but without you realising that she’s there (how she does that I have no idea – it could well be magic). Hannah is the photographer that’ll make your Dad laugh when he’s clearly nervous AF. The photographer that will adjust your bridesmaid’s bra straps when they haven’t quite been tucked in fully. The photographer that will wink at you in the middle of your ceremony when you’re about to read your vows and need that little vote of confidence.

She’ll catch the snorting laughs, the heartfelt hugs, the tears, the nerves, the glances, the double chins… everything. Don’t expect a set of immaculate, posed, formal photographs and if that’s what you’re looking for then Hannah isn’t your gal. But, what you will get is a very special documentary of your day, your journey. I remember reading Hannah’s reviews before we met her and someone had written “Looking through the pictures she gave us was like having a videographer we hadn’t planned; a story board of the emotions of our day” – beautiful words and ones that resonate so much with us. We must have looked at our photos a dozen times now and every time we spot something new. They remind us that all the planning was worthwhile because, through Hannah’s photos, you see the pure unadulterated joy.

And Hannah herself? Well, at the end of the night, after Hannah had rolled up her skirt and rocked a couple of ceilidh dances, our entire wedding party gave her huge hugs and kisses. And, in that moment, I realised that we’d started the process with a photographer and ended with a friend. Pretty darn special, eh?

So, if you’re sitting on the fence or are nervous about making the leap, meet this incredible lady for a coffee (even if that means driving 90 minutes to a Costa in the middle of an industrial estate) and you’ll know after 10 minutes if you’re a match.

Hannah, we are eternally grateful for your awesomeness, THANK YOU.



TLDR: Hannah is the single best photographer you could ever find for your wedding (or event, family portrait, new born pictures, maternity shoots or business). Book her immediately.

When I was looking to book a photographer for our wedding, I started looking for someone who took conventional but also unconventional photos. Someone who finds those tiny moments I wasn’t there to witness. My friends stuffing their faces, dancing, talking, hugging. My dad holding court. My MIL looking adoringly at her son. Another important thing I wanted, is someone my husband and I could get on with, because we’re both deeply uncomfortable being in front of a camera.

I stumbled onto Hannah’s website and I knew she was what I was looking for. Living hundreds of miles away, we had a chat over Zoom and just the friendliest, bubbliest person appeared. We booked, which she made super simple.

Then Covid happened. We scheduled in more Zoom chats (aided by gin). We kept holding on right to the end, when the second lockdown finally took our original wedding date as a casualty within 6 weeks of the big day. It pushed our wedding by an entire year. Our date changed and she immediately accommodated us.

After more gin, zooms, mince pie trials, Instagram spamming, Hannah meeting and marrying Rhys, house moves, she became so much more than “just a photographer”.

On the big day, she was a stone cold legend. She organised unruly bridesmaids, stopped people from standing on my dress, moved around my windswept hair, told off unruly groomsmen (which still makes my husband and I laugh), shared cake and hugs before taking some of the most truly magical photographs which still make me laugh and cry when I see them.

I’m also a plus size bride. The actual fear I had about seeing the photos just grew and grew. But these photos make me feel beautiful, and I cannot compliment Hannah enough for that.

I don’t just have a set of beautiful photographs of the happiest day of our life, we also have two amazing friends now.



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