The Class of 2021


When I say year, I mean 8 months. We battled our way through endless restrictions, we thought outside the box.

Masks, no masks, no photographers in registration offices, dancing, no dancing, outdoor dancing. Weddings of 15, 30, as many as you like, hugs, no hugging, personal responsibility and lateral flows. 

I travelled as far north as Scotland for an incredible elopement on Loch Lomond in a heatwave and as far south as Cornwall for a wedding on the beach and everywhere in between. I drove the length of the country over night more than once. I cried with joy so many times and wont ever forget the first wedding singing was allowed in church again.

On a personal level, 2021 was the most difficult year of my life. I have never known tiredness like it. We also diced with death and inexplicably survived a hit and run on the M5. I am really proud to say I managed to shoot at least some of every wedding after the accident bar the two I was physically hospitalised for.

And of course, we eloped ourselves and I became Mrs Beddoe.

I am indebted to the other photographers who’ve had my back this year: Chris Bunce, Barnaby Staniland, Alice Boagey, Latzo Chymcak, Ania Ames, Gina Fernandes and of course, my darling Rhys – without him HHP would be a smouldering pile of rubble.

It’s been amazing to be back doing what I love… Here’s to an equally raucous – but slightly more sedentary – 2022.