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Whether it’s just the two of you, two hundred of you, or something inbetween, I’ve got something that’s just right for you.

“We sort of forgot that you were here.”


I fell into weddings somewhat by accident… I had teetered on the edge before, but it wasn’t the right time… There’s a lot of story that could go in here, but the long and the short of it is that my accident was a happy one because I love a wedding and I can’t get enough of photographing them: I just adore people who kiss, who embrace, who can’t take their eyes off each other. I love the happiness and the joy and the warmth of a wedding and I can’t get enough of being in the company of people partying and having an awesome time. I love the time and crafting and the planning and everything else that goes into making a wedding day completely perfect.


*UPDATE* Last count I’d shot over 450 weddings and my feelings haven’t changed one bit!


“After we got our full photo gallery I actually felt a little bit sad, because I thought to myself – now I don’t have an excuse to slide into Hannah’s DMs!”



There are so many moments that nobody noticed, but she captured in a photo.


Lauren & Tom

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I think it's really important to chat with your photographer before you book them

Since covid I’ve given up my office and embraced the Zoom life. I wont be offended if you want to chat with your comfiest trousers on and a brew in hand. I *definitely* think that loving your photographer’s work, or their price alone, isn’t a good enough reason to book someone; I spend more with a bride on her wedding day than she will with her new husband and if we don’t gel then it’s going to be pretty tedious to have me about!


I'm all about the feels and the fun: 90% of the day I'd describe myself as a documentary wedding photographer

I spend people watching and ear wigging conversations, looking for people with a tear in their eye, embraces, the moments, the belly laughs, crazy dancing… You get the idea. Just occasionally I will check in on situations to avoid missing the bits that shooting a load of weddings has taught me to anticipate. I feel that group photographs are important, but not so important that they stop you having a good time; you’re hosting your guests to drink champagne with them, not stand in a line with them smiling at me, so I suggest no more than ten group combos to get them done as quickly as possible so you can get back to hanging out with your favourite people.


Ultimately I'm interested in interaction between people, and so my couple shots are an un-posed as possible

I absolutely don’t do naff poses and if you’re anxious I will gently guide you through them but with as little intervention as possible because as soon as I get too involved, those images stop being about just you two… I also find that generally people are pretty loved up on their wedding day and they don’t find a smooch and a snuggle too tricky!

I am based in Cumbria just off the M6 and I regularly travel all over the UK for weddings

No plan ever sounds too whacky and I’m pretty much up for anything where lovely people having a brilliant time is the name of the game.

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Let’s chat, drink coffee (or something stronger) and figure out what works for you.

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