Choosing to quietly sneak off just the two of you and elope or planning a tiny wedding with a small number of guests is a big decision to make, and not always an easy one! However, having a tiny wedding isn’t any less special and if anything, your wedding photographs will be more important as you’ll have fewer, or perhaps no guests with phones and cameras, and your friends and family will really want to see how your day looked when you share the exciting news!

A more laid back day allows you to really plan the things you love and to be more indulgent with the time you spend in front of the camera – if you like – without having to worry about entertaining hundreds of guests while you’re away. Fancy starting the day with a swim or a quiet coffee? Do it. Get pizza delivered for your wedding breakfast? Sounds perfect. Want to hike for portraits? Let’s go!

Coverage from £500 for two hours of coverage

Unsure about how much coverage you need? Drop me a line and share your plans.