Ice breakers.

I’m Hannah and I’m a creative wedding photographer who is totally in denial about being 30 something. I’m a mum to two girls, Effy and Lowen who I mostly refer to as Mary Mary and Quite Contrary and we live with my husband, Rhys. Rhys and I eloped in the Lake District and had a roaming brass band follow us up mountain on our wedding day… We live our lives by the mantra go hard or go home.


214 Wainwrights before I’m 40

a couple stood on top of Hallin Fell at sunset with Ullswater in the background

2021 was perilous in many ways and if a near death experience taught me anything, it was that life is indeed very short; after marrying in the Lakes in October 2021, Rhys and I decided it was time to bid farewell to the midlands as the mountains were calling and we’ve made Kirkby Stephen in the Eden Valley our home. I initially ended up the midlands as Head of Music in a secondary school, after a brief spell in Reading teacher training. I’m originally from Norfolk, and I am pleased that after seventeen years pretty much landlocked, I am finally a little bit closer to the sea!

Our love story began on a descent from Kinder Scout and we are happiest in the clouds; I recently set myself the challenge of summiting all 214 Wainwrights before I’m 40 and that challenge just got a little easier now we don’t have an 8 hour drive every time we want to tick off a Wainwright!

My current tally is 14/214 and you can follow an Instagram dedicated to my mountain persuits here.

Ten lesser-known facts about me:


I LOVE mustard yellow and would wear it every day if I could. I recently painted my dining room mustard yellow despite being told it would look rubbish… Guess who looks silly now!

People ring me a lot to tell me they saw me on Songs of Praise… You too will have to watch Songs of Praise to see if they’re right!



I thought Season 1 Episode 1 of Game of Thrones was the most awful television I’d ever watched. Now I’m rewatching the whole thing for the second time after binge watching it first time around and dream of marrying Jon Snow.

Someone once catapulted cheesecake at my forehead off a spoon and it made the best *splat* noise I’ve ever heard.



I absolutely love my glasses and think my face looks weird without them.

I hate having my photograph taken… Even more than YOU hate having your photograph taken. I am trying hard to be in more photographs.



I’m pretty obsessed with texture and sometimes I literally can’t help but touch things that look like they’ll feel nice. Same goes for stuff that might smell good.

I almost exclusively wear flip flops between February and October.



I think there’s nothing worse than boring wedding photography. I love emotion driven, creative wedding photography and I’m often found lying on the floor, hanging off banisters or hiding in undergrowth when shooting.

I’m an awful dancer but I will dance at your wedding and take photographs at the same time. This is included in the cost and is mandatory I’m afraid.


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Image credits to Tiree Dawson, Jono Symonds Elly Lucas,  Johnny Dent, Craig HydePaul Williams and Paul Woo. Because it’s lush to credit.

If you love creative wedding photography that is emotive and honest and I sound like your kind of girl

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