Wedding Trends for 2023


A combination of reviewing my images from 2022 combined with several articles popping up my Instagram feed this weekend got me thinking about what wedding trends in 2023 will look like. I’m also trying to use Pinterest more so this weekend I ended up lost down a rabbit hole of unusual wedding cakes and my head is good to pop so, in no particular order as wedding season 2023 hots up… here’s some things I think will be big at weddings in 2023!

Better button holes and pocket square flowers

If bouquets can be wild, why can’t button holes? Instagram has been awash with pocket square flowers which I’m totally here for; no one knows how to pin a button hole on well and they’re forever getting knocked off when the hugs start. Pocket square flowers sit firmly in your pocket and you don’t need to try and fold a hanky nicely to fill it either.

Check this instagram reel.

Button hole by Peonies and Plumes


While the cost of living crisis continues to pinch our purses, couples I’m speaking to are definitely thinking about how to best allocate their budget and a more simple elegant table scape definitely became more popular at the back end of 2022. Crisp white linen and simply candlesticks will always been timeless, freeing up money for other areas of the budget.

See Amanda + Adam’s wedding for more simple, elegant table styling.


Big, colourful confetti… and LOADS of it

There is no such thing as too much confetti. Confetti photos are better when there’s a tonne of it. Fin.

Loads of companies are now producing biodegradable paper confetti which means you really can bring the colour.

Sleek weddings dresses and dresses with sleeves

Perhaps with a paring down of styling comes a simpler look too with many predicting a minimalist trend emerging. Many of my brides chose simple dresses in 2022 and more of them had sleeves that in any other year. Having a sleeved dress can be a different way of adding interest to a dress, and many styles have sleeves that can be removed to change up the whole look as the wedding day moves in into the evening.


Wild, foraged and seasonal flowers

It’s no secret that out of season flowers are more expensive. Summer flowers at a winter wedding will either mean big air miles or they’ll have been grown in heated greenhouses or tunnels that have an astronomical electricity bill associated with them. As we all try and do our bit to me more sustainable, more couples are choosing locally grown seasonal flowers for their weddings which support local growers and have less environmental impact associated with them. Seasonal doesn’t mean less colourful and you should work with florist who will be full of knowledge about what offers you the colours you’re after in the season you’re marrying in. You can read loads more about floral trends for 2023 on Love My Dress.

Oh and by the way, the I think the hot colour trends for 2023 are dark greens, rusty oranges and reds and pinks.  You heard it here first!


Cool trends for 2023 weddings

What do you think the best weddings trends in 2023 will be? Perhaps you’re planning on bucking the trends or setting the trends for 2024, either way I’d love to hear more.



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