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“Thanks so much Hannah, you were amazing.

You are incredibly talented, a master of your craft.”


I first met Ashley at Jackie + Darren‘s wedding at 2016. It may have been first time I’d encountered a magician at a wedding, but I was completely captivated by him, and more importantly I loved the reactions he got from guests as they made for such fab candids… In fact, nearly four years on I can’t bring myself to remove the picture of Jackie pushing aside her pudding, engrossed in Ashley’s magic! 

Over the next couple of years I had the treat of working with Ashley a few more times, and when he told me he and Sarah, who’s a kickass saxophonist were getting married, I was really hoping he might ask me to photograph it… Of course, working in this industry we meet a lot of suppliers so when they asked me… Well, what an incredible honour. However, their wedding planning journey didn’t run smoothly and, as many people who work in the industry have told me, planning their wedding felt a bit like planning work, and ideas got binned along the way. Eventually they settled on planning a super laid back day at Belvoir Castle that ditched everything they felt unnecessary and encompassed everything about weddings they loved, and all the stuff THEY loved as a couple.  

And in true Sarah and Ashley style, their wedding at Belvoir Castle was OTT, extravagant and hugely FUN. Highlights for me included speeches before dinner which had the room in stitches, no formal sit down dinner (Ashley’s friends The Flavour Trailer provided incredible street food) and Sarah tooting her sax in the evening… Just wonderful.

Sarah and Ashley, I know you could have picked absolutely anyone to shoot your day and I honestly couldn’t have felt more joy being there to shoot it. Shooting any wedding is a privilege but shooting your friends’… well, that’s something else. 


“We absolutely love the pictures, I said from the moment that we started planning our wedding that I wanted you to take our photos. You know that I’ve been a massive fan for years. They are simply amazing and we will treasure them. Your ability to catch the off beat, the moments of comedy and the intimate times is second to none.
I may have been a little grumpy to go outside to take pictures with the sun going down but that has led to some of the best shots so thanks for putting up with my face. There are so many we love so it’s impossible to say that we have a favourite; there are some truly breathtaking shots. 
Thanks so much Hannah, you were amazing. You are incredibly talented, a master of your craft.”

Sarah + Ashley’s wedding at Belvoir Castle happened with the help of…

Dress: Ian Stuart // Catering: The Flavour Trailer // Videography: Tin Box Memories

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