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I know what you’re thinking… *of course she’s going to say yes*. Well yes, I am. Yes, you do. And I have good reason!! Prewedding photographs, sometimes known as engagement shoots, e shoots, in love shoots or something equally lovely are something I feel really strongly about but often my clients aren’t always sure they’re worth bothering with, so I wanted to take a bit of time to tell you why I love think they’re important, but also let you know what some of my wedding couples think too!

Prewedding photos normally take an hour to an hour and a half. They can happen where ever, although I think doing them at your wedding venue is a bit boring as you end up with two sets of photographs that look very similar, except one you’re in your best outfits ever. I dont care too much about location; I’m interested in my subjects, their interaction, and the light. Yep, we can do your photographs at the allotment like Liz + Tim, somewhere urban like Natalie + Josh, at your families stables like Scott + Guy or at the beach like Kirsty + Jonathan. You tell me where we’re going. It’s all good.

Prewedding photographs: from the horses mouth


Best idea ever!! The prewedding shoot really helped put us at ease, so on the big day it felt like it was completely natural – I felt like a pro ha ha! Honestly, great idea especially as Guy was so uncomfortable at first, glad we got that out the way before the first wedding. [Scott]

Hannah has a way of putting you at complete ease. It’s like taking pictures with a friend, such a calm and relaxed energy and I quickly lost my sense of nervousness. Had we not had the pre shoot I would have not known what to expect nor would I have been as comfortable. Definitely the best idea we had. [Guy]

Scott + Guy, May 2017

My business has changed a lot over the last 18 months and as more of my bookings come from recommendation and referral, my clients are further away and it means some only meet me on Skype before booking, or perhaps we only chat on the phone, or maybe the glowing recommendation seals the deal via email! This means that sometimes the first time I meet my couples is when I arrive on their wedding day, which is fine, but I’m pretty sure everyone feels happier when we’ve met for a few photos before hand.

We were massively apprehensive about the pre-wedding shoot. Wasn’t sure of the point of them…until we met you! You persuaded us why they could be so useful and you were spot on. We got to know you so much better and it felt like you knew us better too by the end. What made it so special for us was that we could have relaxed photos of us where we live even though our wedding was back in my homeland. Double win!

Jo + Adam, April 2016

Prewedding photos (which sometimes start over a beer or a gin!) give as a chance to chat and get to know each other so you feel really comfortable around me, but not only that it can have a dramatic influence on how your guests feel about me too! If they’ve seen some photos they’ve got an idea of what I’m about already, they might even have visited my website and seen what I do at weddings, but when I arrive in the morning and you feel comfortable with me from the second I arrive, your family, friends, wedding party, whoever else is around will immediately feel at ease too. Weddings are stressful enough, let’s not stress about having photographs taken on the day too!

Having photos taken is my worst nightmare, finding photos of me that I like is next to impossible. We had however found a photographer who took beautiful pictures and I knew that our wedding day would be captured to our taste and style and everyone (possibly with the exception of me) would look amazing.

Our package included a prewedding shoot which filled me with with dread! I was so anxious the day of the shoot that I considered cancelling. However, I am so glad I went.

Within minutes Hannah put us at ease, she had us climbing muddy banks, sitting on logs and skipping through the country park. I had rarely laughed so much with someone who I had only met once before and was so comfortable that we were quickly at the point where her camera was literally inches from our faces and I wasn’t concerned. The photos that came from this shoot are beautiful, I think my fiancee (at the time) is stunning anyway but the photos of her captured her so well and she looks incredible, there are photos of me that I look at and think wow!! Some of these pictures have even changed how I see myself.

My sides were aching from laughing so much and my cheeks hurting from smiling and my fiancee and I came away from that bitterly cold afternoon so pleased with our choice of photographer and with the feeling that she was also a friend.

The lead up from then to the wedding was hectic with a few mini dramas but the one thing we were totally confident in was that the photos would be fabulous.

I am not scared of the camera anymore but only when its wielded by Hannah!

Anya + Sue, April 2017

Different things make different people tick. During your prewedding photographs I can find out what you love, what you hate, what makes you laugh, maybe what makes you cry (the happy ones)… This is stuff I can use when we do you wedding photographs…. It’s really handy. Not only that, but different people fit together differently and I get a feel for that while I’m shooting.

We both felt a bit nervous about the pre wedding shoot, but you made us feel so relaxed straight away. It was a great shoot and the photos looked so natural. It was a perfect way of getting to know one another, and we had great fun parting the sheep! (Don’t think they were particularly happy though!)

Hayley + Tim, getting married September 2017 and set to smash it!

My final thought…

How many photographs do you have of yourselves together? In my house we’ve got one wedding photo, and photos from our last family shoot in 2015. That’s it. My phone has some selfies, but you know, they’re not wall worthy… They’re barely Instagram worthy! Prewedding photographs are a nice way of getting some non-wedding pictures of the two of you together!

Hannah suggested a pre shoot and despite being initially hesitant we agreed – looking back this was the best decision as it got us used to being in front of Hannah’s cameras and getting to know her way of working. Hannah is a real visionary and captured some really creative shots.

Nick + Rob, May 2016

So there you have it; my tuppence worth on why prewedding shoots are completely invaluable… And why my clients think so too!

Finally, here’s a selection of some of my favourites from recent shoots. Enjoy!

So, you’re pretty sold? Get in touch to get yours booked in!



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