Reeeeeewiiiiiiind back to July (I know, how long ago does summer feel right now?!) and I was shooting super close to home in Corby for Caity and Sean’s wedding at The Raven Hotel.

These guys married in the same week that Caity’s grandparents celebrated sixty years of marriage, so in honour of that, they married in the same church, travelled in a black cab just as her grandparents did, and celebrated at the same venue, The Raven Hotel. What a totally and lovely romantic thing to do!

A super hot day that was a little melty at times, but speeches where even I roared with laughter, amazing live music (Sean’s brother is in a great band, The Sons of Kilcullen), the most angelic flower girls you ever did find and some downtime in Rockingham village for evening portraits.

A perfect day, and a lovely love story. I so loved this wedding. Enjoy!

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