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The warmth of summer is a distant memory, the frosts have arrived and wedding season has just about come to an end. No rest for the wicked as my attention turns to whizzing around Northamptonshire (and further afield!) shooting some lifestyle photography. Autumn is a really popular time for family photographs – the light, the colours, the crunchy leaves are all so lovely. it’s is easy to see why everyone wants their family photographs shot at this time of year!

To me, childhood, motherhood, parenthood is all having fun, getting mucky knees and exploring the world and that’s why I call my family shoots adventures. My shoots aren’t all about sitting on park benches with squeaky clean faces and “say cheese” smiles… I want them to be about real life and real relationships. So I do shoot the snotty noses, the tantrums, sometimes the sweets to bribe them and we do get mucky (particularly me) while we search for the makings of perfect family pictures.

I wanted to share some of my favourites a recent Family Adventure shoot with you; the Willis family are keen photographers themselves but, like so many of us have so few photographs of them all in the shot. They were happy to be guided by me, risk a golfball or two to the head and roll around in leaves. I think it paid off. I loved this shoot so much and some of these are my favourite family photographs of the year.



Looking for a little Northamptonshire Lifestyle photography of your own? The diary will be open for spring bookings soon – please get in touch!


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