One of the best things to come out of the pandemic (there were some I promise) was the shift towards normalising midweek weddings. When dates were at a premium, couples had to decide between a long wait to keep their Saturday weddings or take a midweek option… and the best bit was that no one cared their friends were getting married in the week rather than at a weekend and brought their comfiest dancing shoes to celebrate! There are some things to consider when booking a midweek wedding though, so I’ve bundled together my thoughts in one handy blog post.

Popular wedding venues tend to book their prime dates quite literally years ahead, so unless you’re planning a longer engagement, you simply might not be able to get your hands on a weekend date at your dream venue. Opting for a midweek option might significantly slash your wait time meaning you can have the venue your heart is set on in the time frame you initially had in mind.

Your friends and family will come. They will book annual leave or flex their week to be there if they really want to but you can help them by sending out save the dates as early as possible so they can make the necessary arrangements for work, childcare etc and also by considering a slightly later ceremony meaning they can still work the morning if they need to. Weddings are expensive for guests too and a weekday wedding will mean things like accommodation may be more affordable for them if they need to stay away from home.

Choosing a midweek wedding will also mean your favourite suppliers will likely have greater availability as less weddings take place in the week. While some suppliers may offer a weekday rate, don’t assume there’s a discount to be had on midweek dates when contacting potential suppliers about your wedding. Some suppliers may actually be charging a premium for weekend dates rather than offering a discount midweek, and working midweek may actually incur costs for some which makes their outlay midweek greater than it does at weekend, for example childcare costs.

Be more open to having a child friendly wedding if it’s a midweek one; it may be harder for friends and family to find childcare so being able to bring their kids may make it significantly easier to attend the day. Having kids at a wedding can be great fun but make sure you plan activities for them too.

Perhaps you have a really significant date that you’d like to celebrate your wedding on and choosing midweek means you don’t need to wait until that date next falls at the weekend. Over the years I’ve had couples choose to marry on their grandparents’ wedding anniversary or a significant anniversary for themselves and in 2024 I’m shooting a Star Wars fan wedding on May 4th. While some couples might not feel particularly sentimental about dates, if you are, making midweek your thing is the perfect solution.

Booking a midweek wedding date offers significant benefits

Clearly there are lots of things to consider when booking a midweek wedding date but there are lots of benefits too. Chat to your nearest and dearest but always remember that it’s your day and you shouldn’t be making planning decisions to appease others… so happy planning!!!!


Planning a midweek wedding?

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