If 2020 taught me anything, it’s how to stay standing when the carpet is pulled out from under my feet… It happened about 50 times last year, but my favourite tale of chaos in a pandemic is Amy and Imran’s and I’m so chuffed that they’ve let me share their day on the blog.

Last year also saw a lot of last minute micro weddings; I first spoke to Amy and Imran about their wedding plans for November 24th at the end of October… of course, no sooner did their booking form land, leaks of Lockdown 2.0 started and by the evening of Saturday 31st it was clear that no weddings would be happening in late November. However, there was a job offer pending stateside for Imran, so with the powers of the last minute and the legends at Hackney Town Hall, Amy and Imran managed to make their wedding happen with precisely 48 hours notice. Being in London on lockdown eve was a feeling like no other; Christmas eve last minute shopping vibes, hustle and bustle without the gift tags as people checked off errands that they wouldn’t be able to run until December.

Why a London Micro Wedding could be my new favourite thing

The last minute nature of their wedding meant that Amy and Imran’s parents couldn’t attend in person, but there was a significant guest list on Zoom. We shot portraits around Hackney before meeting three of their friends at the town hall. A party of five, plus me, was the smallest wedding I’ve ever photographed, and probably the most emotional and most special in many ways. The tiny weddings of 2020 truly changed my perception of micro weddings; I absolutely adore their laid-back vibes and intimate nature and I hope that when life returns to normal post Covid, the micro wedding trend stays hot.


How did you meet?

We met when Imran was visiting San Francisco for work. We felt an instant spark, but didn’t quite know what to do with the improbable circumstance.

Tell me your proposal story

On Amy’s first visit to London, we spent a lot of time people watching and daydreaming in Victoria Park. It only made sense to propose there, so that we could continue daydreaming together.

Why did you choose the venue you chose for your wedding day?

With London going into lockdown the next day and plans changing rapidly, the most important thing was getting married. Hackney Town Hall made it happen.

What was it you loved about your outfits and accessories that made you choose them?

The honest answer here is that Amy’s outfit was in stock and available!! Imran had his suit.

What were the most wonderful parts of the day for you?

Honestly working with Hannah was one of the best parts. It was a frantic day and neither one of us had family there to celebrate with us. Hannah made us feel calm and well-taken care of.

Why did you choose Hannah Hall Photography as your photographer, and what was your experience of your photography on the day?

Hannah was warm, responsive, and incredibly fun to work with. Everyone comments on the quality of the photographs, we couldn’t be happier. We’ve sung Hannah’s praises far and wide.

What would be your best bit of advice to other couples planning their wedding?

Sometimes the least planned events are the most special.

Are you planning at tiny London micro wedding of your own, or indeed a micro wedding somewhere else in the UK?


I want to come too. Email me!


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