“Her website is genuinely a depiction of how she is in real life – extraordinary. Working with Hannah was a pleasure and we knew we would adore her from the very first drink we had together!”

Erin and Wes are the kind of people who don’t take stuff too seriously, wear their hearts on their sleeves and know what having fun is all about. I met them for a drink last year to chat about their wedding and immediately loved their no nonsense approach to wedding planning. Their priorities were for their day to be relaxed, eat well, drink better and have incredible fun. This was my first time shooting a wedding at Parm Farm, Shuckburgh and I could see very quickly how a couple like Erin and Wes would fall in love with it and choose it to be the perfect place for their day.


How did you meet?

University – very drunken night out in which we thought we were not going to see each other again. Low and behold the next year we were in the same seminars and lectures! This is why our table names were all named after Lancaster University colleges!


Tell me your proposal story:

It was a genuinely warm day Wes was out in a jacket – very unlike him! Turns out this is where he was storing the ring box! We had driven up to Lancaster for the weekend – reminiscing as the place is so beautiful. We had always said we would go back post uni and I had been waiting for the big question as it was about time (random weekends away before had been a decoy). We went for a walk in Aston Memorial – which is an insanely beautiful building at the highest point of Lancaster.

Up on the memorial we were looking out across Lancaster. I turned around and BAM he was on one knee. Obviously I had a cry and said YES!


Why did you choose to have your wedding at Park Farm, Shuckburgh?

We wanted somewhere relaxing and beautiful – literally in the middle of nowhere with no pressures that a normal place has. The idea of a hotel wedding or package is really not for us. I wanted to pick every single thing that went in there. Even if it meant being left with 20 glass water bottles after! We found Park Farm and fell in love. It was everything we had wanted and it partnered with a local pub/catering company where the food is to die for so everything fell in place! The views are stunning and the lights everywhere make it feel magical. There was also a lot of space for camping and games which featured VERY heavily in our wedding. The fire pit was a particular highlight in the evening/early morning as it just cemented the relaxed nature.


What was it you loved about your outfits and accessories that made you choose them?

For me –  the lace detail was essential in my first dress. It’s what I had always wanted – especially with the sleeves as I am very conscious of my arms (classic girl) but it gave me that extra bit of confidence. I wanted minimal jewellery where possible – a simple diamond necklace and earrings. My parents also surprised me with a blue Vivienne Westwood bracelet as my something blue which was perfect (she is my fave after all!) Wes looks amazing in dark blue so it was a must go for the suit – he surprised me with the tartan waistcoat though! I loved it as it set us apart from the others and it was him to a T! Old man but not an old man!! The groomsmen accessories were the blush/vintage pink and complimented the ice blue dresses the girls were wearing perfectly! For my second dress, I wanted the polar opposite and opted for a silk sheer dress, one of my best friends screamed ‘oh my god it’s Celine Dion’ when I walked out, and that is exactly what I wanted. It was easy to move in and you could shimmy around – it also didn’t matter if it got ruined in the fields as it was not half as expensive as the formal one!


Tell me about the vision you had for your wedding including your theme/colour scheme/styling/flowers:

We call it BARN-CHIC – it was not a barn themed wedding but rather a luxe wedding in a barn. I knew I wanted blush colours and the ice blue – these perfectly tied together with the girls dresses and the flowers. We knew it had to be relaxing, free-flowing with drinks (hence the kegs and bottomless Pimms). I had a fear of perfectly rounded bouquets and so the only brief I gave to the florist was ‘English flowers and full of texture’ and wow did she produce. The experts really know what they are doing and have a passion so I let her run free with it!  We knew fun was at the centre and there is nothing better than whacking out the nerf guns and garden games! Who has nerf guns at a wedding? WE DID. The thing I found the most helpful (everyone thought I would be bridezilla but not one drop came out) was to remember, no one else will know if something isn’t there so don’t sweat the small stuff. We are not particularly serious people and so we wanted to inject as much fun and silliness where possible – hence our vows, first dance, nerf guns and relaxed attitude to everything!


What was your first dance and why did you choose it?

Our first dance was ‘Shut up and Dance’ by Walk the Moon – Wes has zero rhythm, pairing that with the level of alcohol in him and it must have been a car crash but we did not care at all as we were having too much fun! We chose it because it’s the song we silly dance too… in the kitchen, the car, everywhere! In no way is it traditional or soppy but neither are we!

What were the most wonderful parts of the day for you?

Just how happy everyone was. I can’t even describe how ecstatic everyone was. There was no scrimping on the alcohol so this definitely helped! It was chilled, full of good food, good company and fun! Reflecting back we can truly say it was the best day ever! Especially after the torrential rain the day before – for the sun to break out and it to be boiling made it! Even if we were sweating at the front of the aisle…


Why did you choose Hannah Hall Photography as your photographer, and what was your experience of your photography on the day?

We chose Hannah on the recommendation of a friend. When researching we loved the way she captured natural moments and nothing was staged. Her website is genuinely a depiction of how she is in real life – extraordinary. Working with Hannah was a pleasure and we knew we would adore her from the very first drink we had together! She is fun, fabulous and a genuinely lovely human. You really do feel like she’s your best pal just looking out for you! Everyone at the wedding was full of compliments!


What would be your best bit of advice to other couples planning their wedding?

Relax! Take everything as it comes. What you think would bother you on the day really will not – so what if a candle is out of place or something is missing – only you will know! With enough bubbles all will be fine!


Erin + Wes’ incredible wedding at Park Farm, Shuckburgh happened with the help of the following people…

Hair: Karen Bailie // MUA: Claire Bache // Dress: Mable and Maude // Flowers: Wild Rose

Venue: Weddings at Park Farm, Shuckburgh // Bridesmaids: TFCN // Gents: Moss Bros // Catering: Taste Catering

DJ: Smooth Moves // Day time entertainment: Esther Turner Guitarist


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