There is absolutely no denying that I have the sea in my blood. I feel at my most content by the sea; I don’t care how cold I am, how messed up my hair is or how out of breath contending with the terrain underfoot makes me. As I’ve got older, the pull to be by the coast feels stronger… Annoying that I ended up settling bang smack in the middle of country! It means that going home is a real treat, and you can imagine my happiness that my girls also share my love of the sea side.

Our few days away took me to no fewer than four different beaches: Holkham, on the other side of the camera, Winterton, Aldeburgh for work and Southwold for the day with friends. What a treat.

I’m back home now and buried deep in editing, but I wanted to share a few snaps from our walk at Winterton, where we spotted seals and collected pebbles, while trying to keep my youngest our of the water…. Easier said than done, that girl is fearless!

From the foggy Midlands…