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Kim & Rich’s wedding at the Mercure Newton Solney will definitely be a memorable day for me… Why? Because in 2016, it’s not about the odd wet wedding, it’s about the odd dry one… A dry one even though the forecast desperately argued otherwise, no doubt because it was bank holiday weekend, and it always rains on a bank holiday weekend, right?!

It was a wedding where everything was just meant to be; the hotel had recently redecorated, by complete coincidence matching Kim and Rich’s colour scheme, Kim’s wedding dress fitted her like a glove and you would never have known that her neat baby boy bump was tucked away underneath it, and the weather… Well thank you forecast for being so wrong and thank you weather for being so lovely! Everyone spent the whole afternoon playing cricket, garden games, enjoying the gorgeous grounds and dancing on the lawn when talented Dean Stansby made the impromptu decision to take his piano and his microphone outside to entertain everyone. Shoes were kicked off, and boogying happened HARD… I think were it not for the DJ being set up inside, the entire evening reception what have taken place out there too. What a perfect day!

Kim and Richard it was such a pleasure to be part of your day, thank you for looking after me so well and having me along. The grounds of the Mercure Newton Solney just cried out “garden party” the day and that’s exactly what you got! Coffee on, check out this gorgeous day.

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