Mentoring for wedding photographers who feel like they have no idea what they’re doing

I fell into wedding photography accidentally; a happy one of course, but like many of our peers I am self taught. I have no formal photography qualifications and started this adventure with diddly squat experience in business, marketing, web design or ANY of the other skills required to make my business a success. Thus began an exploration I like to call “winging it”.

I am *definitely* not a rockstar photographer

I’d like to think I’ve made a success of winging it so far. Some notable achievements to date include

  • Shooting just under 200 weddings to date (its a lot more if you include everything I’ve second shot!)
  • Being fully booked for the year going into my second full year in business, shooting 50 weddings that year and maintaining 35+ weddings a year ever since (35 being my magic number)
  • Being published on numerous wedding blogs including Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding. I’ve also had an image featured as Rangefinder Magazine’s Image of The Day and picked up a few awards along the way
  • Speaking about brand image at Snap Photography Festival in 2018
  • Honing my ideal client and booking just the kind of weddings I like to book
  • Developing a brand identity that is highly regarded in the industry as a successful model for photographers to aspire to
  • Keeping a roof over mine and my children’s heads for two years as a single income household and still having time to work out, see friends and sleep for eight hours a night.   

My business celebrated it’s 5th birthday in July 2019 and during that time I’ve learned a lot about running a business in a competitive market. My background is rooted in education; in my previous life I was a secondary school music teacher where I was Head of Department for 5 years (if I can impart my knowledge to sulky teenagers who’d rather be in bed I can definitely teach you!) and I really enjoy helping other photographers develop their business. 


A website, social media and branding review looking at how you can improve your shop window and ensure that everything you’re putting out there is user friendly and selling your brand message. You’ll complete a questionnaire, I’ll spend some time getting to know you via your online presence and we’ll schedule a time to Skype to chat through what I’ve found. I’ll also provide you with notes and actionable targets to help you make improvements which will help you attract the kind of people you want to work with.


One full day (six hours) of bespoke 1-2-1 mentoring, plus a pub lunch. You bring the list of things you’d like to chat about and I’ll share my knowledge. This could cover kit, how I shoot the day, work flow, branding, website, social media, editing, image curation, surviving a day, client relationships… Anything, I promise I wont hold back any secrets! 

Feeling skint? I remember when I ploughed every penny I earned back into my business too – you are welcome to organise your own group of three peeps max to spend the day with me, bring your own packed lunch and we’ll get cracking.

DEVELOP – £1200

Six 90 minute Skype meetings over six months where we can talk about your goals and set achievable targets and things for you to work on to achieve them. This is great if you’re trying to get your website off the ground and want guidance about image curation, and copy, or if you just feel like you’re making it all up and you want a helping hand running your business effectively. 



Hannah gave the confidence to be even more me on my website, not to be one of the masses. She also gave me the confidence to take actions on my website in regards to workflow and user ease.

Joshua Wyborn


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