Here in Corby, we’re often referred to as a town as Little Scotland. My neighbours’ kids are third generation scots who have lived here all their life yet they speak with what, on the face of it sounds like a thick Glaswegian accent… Locals will tell yous (colloquialism!) that it’s a Corby accent and after 6 years here I can tell the difference most of the time, but when I first moved her a definitely couldn’t have told you the difference. Anyway, I think that our label of Little Scotland is what makes Rachael and Scott’s story so lovely… A Scotsman from Big Scotland meets a Corby girl in Australia, she leaves to pursue her travels, he follows her and the rest is history… Although they’ve settled in Scotland, Rachael returned to Corby to marry her man, and the day was just so awesome I wanted to share a little more about kilts, ceilidhs and florals and why I love them so much.


I’ve decided I love kilts at weddings. There’s so many reasons, not least the sense of pride and identity amongst those who wear them. I love that people recognise their family tartan (Although I’m a Gordon and I wouldn’t know my tartan if it slapped me in the face – more research needed!) and that it seems to bring such a sense of cohesion to an occasion… Of course there’s also the air of mystery about what (or what not) is being worn underneath, and what one keeps in their sporran… See pictures below for more clues.


I always think that live music lures people on to the dance floor, and never was a truer word spoken about a ceilidh! Rachael and Scott’s friends and family poured onto the dance floor, everyone muddled up their partners and went in the wrong direction but no one minded and everyone had a fabulous time. Including me.

Fabulous florals

Scott’s sister is a florist. In Scotland. But no task is too big for Nicola, who owns Archipelago in Islay… She had a garage load – literally – of flowers delivered to Rachael’s parents house and turned it into her workshop for the 36 hours running up to the wedding. In fact, Nicole was still making button holes while she had her hair and make up done as she was also one of Rachael’s bridesmaids! She created beautiful, natural handties in shades of pinks and peaches with plenty of foliage which totally reflected the laid back feel to the day. Rachael also wore flowers in her hair, decorated her cake with flowers and used single stems in bottled for her table centrepieces… Floral spectacular!

Fill your day with what you love and what reflects you as a couple… It makes for the perfect day. Here’s a few favs from Rachael and Scotts day. Congrats you two!



In conclusion, I think one wears to sporran to pop their underpants in when they’ve had enough of wearing them!

Planning a wedding with kilts, ceilidhs and fabulous florals? I’m there!