At this time of year everyone likes to reflect on what a year it’s been, and I’m shouting from the rooftops about 2015. Of course, I’m over the moon with how business is going, but there’s other reasons why this year has been so great, and one of them is the new friendships I’ve made since I changed career earlier back in April.

As a teacher, you work in an environment where there’s always someone to ask for help or bounce ideas off, and as a faculty, we were all close and I knew I could go and have a rant if I needed. One of the things I have missed about teaching is that support network and there have been times I’ve found the life as a self employed person in a company of one to be quite lonely. However, I have made so many new wedding industry friends this year, and there’s always someone to listen or to have a look over stuff for me, and one of those friends is Cat from Rockabilly Rose the Florist in Wellingborough.

Last night I was lucky enough to head over to one of her wreath making classes at The Hind Hotel to take some photographs, eat mince pies and make a wreath for my own front door. I never realised how much work went into making one of these, and I feel pretty privileged to got to watch and learn some new skills while hanging out with a bunch of lovely ladies last night.

Here’s a little bit of what we got up to, and my *excellent* floristry skills now in pride of place at HHP HQ!


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