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I love engagement photography (or pre-wedding photographs as I often call them) for so many reasons. Stevie and Cory’s shoot last week, in a field of oilseed rape, somewhere near the Northamptonshire/Leicestershire boarder in the middle of a thunderstorm was no exception! I always feel like I know my couples better for taking an hour or so out with them where we’re not talking about the finer details of their wedding day, they get to know how I work and I get to know what they’re like in front of the camera and I get to be creative and try things out without the pressure of it being their wedding day.

This year I’ve had to rearrange so many engagement sessions because the weather has let us down; just yesterday I was out with a couple on our fourth attempt at getting together for theirs! The weather on the day of Stevie and Cory’s session wasn’t looking too great but they were willing to risk the angry clouds and it totally paid off. We met at a local park for some photographs with their dog, Angus before hopping in the car and chasing the storm clouds. We are blessed with amazing countryside and backdrops here in Northamptonshire, so finding a spot to stop for photographs wasn’t too much of a challenge!

I adore the colour pallet in these images. The bright yellow of the rapeseed against the blues, purples and greys in the sky are really striking, and Stevie and Cory’s choice of clothing worked really well and pops against the backdrop. Stevie text me later that evening to apologise about being awkward infront of the camera; I really don’t think it shows in these pictures at all, and hopefully on their wedding day there’ll be no awkwardness at all as they’re used to being in front of my camera.

I know that I don’t have many pictures of me and my husband that aren’t phone selfies; I think engagement photography offers couples a lovely opportunity to just have photographs of them for the sake of it, and hopefully images that will end up on a wall rather than just as a Facebook profile picture or phone wallpaper!

Stevie and Cory, thank you for being so awesome last week; enjoy your photographs, I cannot WAIT to shoot your wedding in just a few weeks time!



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