Coronavirus and Your Nuptials


(This page was updated on March 15th 2020)

Hello, class of 2020. First off, how are you doing? These are unprecedented times and I cannot begin to imagine the stress the current situation must be causing you; of all the things you thought could go wrong in the run up to your wedding, a brand new virus we know nothing about, I’m sure, was not one of them!!

I wanted to take a few minutes to try and offer some calm and reassurance as the run up to your wedding approaches, so below you can read about what I’m doing to protect myself and you, as well as some things to consider going forward.


  • Please be reassured I am doing everything in my power to keep myself healthy and safe; as a family we have ramped up our hand washing efforts and we’re taking our vitamins and eating our greens. I am carrying hand gel to use when hand washing isn’t possible.
  • I have set up an emergency cover group with other photographers in the event of becoming ill. The procedure for this is no different to were I unable to shoot your wedding for any other reason but I want to reassure you that as a community we have agreed to step up and support one another the very best we can so that no couples find themselves without a photographer at very short notice should we have to self isolate or become hospitalised.
  • As it stands, if I am healthy I have every intention of being at your wedding. Please don’t be offended that I’m choosing not to hug, squeeze and shake hands at the moment, I am elbow-bumping instead. Brap.
  • I have some in-person meetings planned in the not too distant, and I will be in touch to recommend that these take place over Skype/Facetime instead of in person. At this time I fully intend on carrying out engagement shoots as normal.



As it stands, there’s a bucketload of whatifs flying about, so here are some things to ponder – of course, please also take time to speak to your insurance company and see where you stand.

  • DIVERSIFY – at the moment there’s no restrictions on smaller private gatherings and if we follow Scotland’s lead  I think weddings with less than 500 people (ie every wedding I’m booked for this year I think!) will be fine. If the government restrict numbers on gatherings it may be worth considering reducing your guest list. This is a difficult decision to make but may be a good way of managing your cost/loss. It may be worth speaking to guests; some might not be able to attend due to travel bans etc. Of course, in this event, your photographs become even more important in a sense, for those who are no longer able to attend!
  • POSTPONE – chat to all your suppliers if you think this is the right option for you. I will be as flexible as possible if you decide to rearrange your date, subject to availability of course, as per the terms of my contract. Consider weekday alternatives too as a way of being able to retain as many suppliers as possible.


Don’t panic

This is easier said than done I know but we’ve got this guys! Right now it’s normal service all round. You will get married, it will be awesome and you’ll have brilliant photos. The most important thing we can do is to think logically and keep communicating. Get in touch, keep in touch and if there’s anything I can do, please just shout.


Big love,

HH x