I love shooting in new places and I particularly love shooting anywhere that’s not the countryside, just because I feel really comfortable shooting in natural environments, so something different really pushes me. At the start of last year Holly messaged me with a couple of options for their engagement photos we had planned for the following weekend and the message was something like “or we could do something a bit crazy like do our photos in at the Crockett and Jones factory?” I don’t think she was ready for me to bite her hand off with the levels of enthusiasm I went back with! Will’s family is the ‘Jones’ part of this well established Northamptonshire shoe maker, so it seemed like the perfect place for their shoot.

The factory was a rabbit warren of rooms to shoot in, a treasure drove of backdrops and textures with lots of beautiful natural light and I could have shot there all day long… In the end, the morning we had booked to shoot it was pouring with rain so it was a complete blessing we could be inside! Here’s some of my favourites from the shoot.

Cool engagement photos

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