I love Autumn. If I could pick a season for all year round, it would definitely be Autumn. The nights are drawing in, everything’s a little bit more cosy, the knitwear comes out, and the colours are my absolute favourite. I could step on those crunchy leaves all day long and be one happy girl.

Autumn also means that wedding season is calming down. A little. I say that, I have two weddings this week and another two before the end of the year, and actually, I only break for 3 weeks before my 2016 season starts again. But it is calmer, and the editing list is getting shorter. It means that I’m spending more time catching up with lots of families to take their pictures (what better gift that pictures for Christmas! Christmas? I definitely did not mention the C-word) and also my camera is getting out with me and my brood a bit too.

I thought I’d share a few of the girls from a recent trip to the woods; we have gotten every single penny’s worth from our Discovery Pass at Fineshade this year, and we love walking, collecting stuff and then playing in the play area – which we often get to ourselves – most weeks. The coffee is excellent too. Before Hannah Hall Photography took over my life, I used to write a blog, predominantly therapy for a working mum who took a lot of photographs, so it feels so good to be sharing some pictures of my two monkeys.

Next week, ground breaking stuff happens. I’m SO excited and also in knots of anxiety over hooking up with my buddy and one of my favourite photographers, James Rouse, and getting on the other side of the camera for some Hall family photographs… I spend my sessions twisting the arms of parents to hop in a few photographs with their kids, yet I have but a handful of me with my own girls that aren’t selfies! And normally, I’ve just run in on a timer. So I’m spending the next few days pulling myself together, and losing a little sleep over it too.

Here we are anyway. My daughters. Best friends and the driving force behind my business. And my favourite time of the year.