My camera is heavy. Its a beast. On the whole I’m so used to carrying two cameras around at weddings, so going out with one doesn’t bother me. But now that we are a pram free household and running around with two kids seems to be double the misadventure, I’ve found myself leaving the camera at home because I’m worried about smashing a lens, or worse, the whole body, whilst chasing the kids. The result? Somewhat patchy photographic coverage of Family Hall.

Cue an early Christmas present from David, in the shape of a little Olympus OMD-EM5 with a nifty 17mm lens, second hand, which is such a cost effective way to buy camera kit. So tiny it fits in my smallest hangbag or my coat pocket, but I can still work in manual and the images are really scrummy… And what’s more, that lens LOVES winter sunshine, which is good, because I’m a sucker for some flare!

The talk of snow seems to have encouraged the last leaves of the trees this week, but last week we spent one of our mornings at our favourite parks, jumping in crunchy leaves. It brings out the inner kid in me. And it was the perfect opportunity to test out the new addition. No more excuses for patchy coverage!