A Kent Adventure | Chloé + David | Canterbury to Whitstable

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Some of my favourite prewedding shoots have been the ones that haven’t gone to plan, or the ones that haven’t had a plan at all. When I planned to visit Chloé and David down in Kent last month we said we’d meet at their small-holding where they keep their goats (I could wax lyrical about these guys and how they’re virtually self sufficient, swapping careers in teaching for rearing goats… In fact, they’re even growing their own wedding flowers AND their own wedding breakfast!!!) and then head into Canterbury, or maybe go to the beach or something. What we actually did was milk to goats, wander around Canterbury, visit the Cathedral where David is a lay clerk (I was pretty delighted about this as David and I know each from waaaay back when we were both Cathedral choristers at Norwich) and then, when we realised we still had loads of light and nothing else to do, we went to the Whitstable and headed to the beach. And when hopping about on the spits at dusk wasn’t enough, we threw off our shoes and ran through puddles before grabbing a pint of local beer and a pub dinner. In other words, we went on a Kent adventure.

I feel like these photos encapsulate everything about these two… Their companionship but also their free spirits, their sense of adventure, their total love of living in the moment. Chloé and David are real salt of the earth folk and it’s absolutely impossible not to love being in their company.

Their wedding plans sound incredible. Talk of picnics, a lot of singing, goat roast and camping awaits! I can’t wait to head back to Canterbury in August to shoot their wedding, I just know it’s going to be amazing.

Brew on, here’s some of my favourites from that day we went on a Kent adventure.


Wedding planning and fancy a Kent adventure of your own? I’d love to hear from you.


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