I’m so glad that you loved my photographs so much that you’d like to use them to promote your business! I’m really happy for suppliers to use my images and I absolutely understand how useful great quality images from real weddings can be.

The last few years has seen a rise in request for images from weddings; increasingly suppliers recognise the value associated with images from real weddings. However, some weeks I’ve received as many as ten emails from suppliers who’d like to use my images. As I’m sure you can imagine, this extra admin time adds up, so I’ve put together a simple guide related to image use and charges for suppliers.


I retain the copyright of all my images. My couples are given personal use of their images which doesn’t extend to supplying their wedding suppliers with images; permission to use images has to come from me. This is because I was finding too often that my images were being passed to suppliers who didn’t look after the photographs and that made me really sad and very frustrated. When I give you permission to use my images, I still retain the copyright.

Obtaining images

  • Images cannot be released to suppliers before they are delivered to the couple. It is safe to assume this will be within 12 weeks of the date of the wedding, but certainly not before 8 weeks.
  • You must obtain express permission from the couple and by logging into their gallery you are confirming that consent has been sought.
  • Between June and October, my time is focused solely on my clients and editing, so please don’t be offended if I take a little longer to come back to you during this time.
  • Images are supplied for free for social media and web use only and £20 per image for using in print to suppliers. You will be able to choose which images you’d really like from the couple’s online gallery. These images are subject to strict usage rules, which are listed below. Do chat to me if you want several images as I offer a reduced rate for multiple images.
  • A polite reminder that screenshotting images and using them without permission, even if credited, isn’t cool (and is actually illegal)

Rules for image use

  • Images must not be edited in any way. This includes things such as converting to black and white, applying Instagram filters, sharpening and cropping (although cropping to a square on Instagram is absolutely fine!)
  • I understand that crediting isn’t always possible in print, but credit should be provided wherever images are used online. On websites a link should be provided to www.hannahhallphotography.co.uk and on social media the relevant tag should be included in the text caption in addition to being tagged in the image: Instagram & Facebook @hannahhallphotography Twitter @hannahhallsnaps

Couples must have agreed to you using their images, so please make sure you’ve got permission from them first!

If you have any questions or would like to gain access to gallery to purchase your images, drop me a line.