Thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer

It really is the greatest honour to have a front seat on one of the most important days of your lives… I promise, you’re going to have banging photographs. But on a serious note, your booking supports me and my family to eat better than beans on toast and keeps us in nice shoes. So thank you.

Feeling stressed?

I hear you. Trying to coordinate your families, friends and bunch of brilliant suppliers to be in one place at one time is not an easy task. Planning your wedding should be fun, so try not to worry about the small things, but if you’re anxious your suppliers are here to help and that includes me. I might not reply to your email at 1am but I will get back to you and will happily advise and help where I can.

My top tip is to remember that this is your day, and while everyone will have their tuppence (cue “YOU HAVE TO INVITE JEAN AND ROGER BECAUSE THEY INVITED YOU TO THEIR SON’S WEDDING FIFTEEN YEARS AGO”, “GRANNY WOULD HAVE WANTED YOU TO HAVE THE BELLS AT CHURCH” and “NO I LOOK AWFUL IN DARK BLUE” ultimately, no one will care on the day because HAPPINESS and they forget pretty quick after. So learn to listen, nod your head and then do whatever you like anyway. You’re welcome.


No question is ever too silly but here are the ones I get asked the most…

Do you need feeding?

Yes please! I can’t eat fish or shellfish and I’ll advise you on second shooter requirements as needed.

What’s a second shooter? Read this.

Do we need an engagement shoot?

It’s entirely up to you. Some couples find them a great excuse to get to know me better and get comfortable in front of the camera. If you feel apprehensive about your wedding photographs then this might be a way to help you control your anxiety.

Are you insured?

Yes yes, thrice YES! If your venue requires proof of my insurance please do get in touch.

When do we next touch base?

I’ll be in touch four weeks before the wedding with a planning sheet and a balance reminder. If you want to organise a Zoom chat we can do but please be aware that these can only be done midweek, particularly during busy summer season… but please don’t feel it’s essential, the majority of my couples don’t ask for one.

Family Photos

There’s a handy guide on the blog.

When will we get our pictures?

I aim to have your pictures with you no later than eight weeks after the wedding, however I am a human and sometimes life happens. My busiest time of year also coincides with the kids being home from school and hanging out with them is really important. I will always communicate current editing times, and I politely ask that you don’t chase me for images within the first eight weeks.


At weddings I’m one of the few suppliers who’s there all day so I’ve seen it all… toppling cakes, incredible floral artistry, awful DJs and make up with staying power.

I travel around the UK a lot so below you’ll find a list of Northamptonshire and East Midlands specific suppliers, as well as some who travel like bands and videographers. If you can’t see what you’re after please ask; I have friends all over the UK and the likelihood is I can find it for you.

Some suppliers will offer you a discount on certain products if you mention me, these are marked with a * – winner!


The Lakes + North West Suppliers


Many suppliers cover the whole of the UK  – either because they produce a physical product that can be shipped or because they travel. Here are my favourites!


I’m happy to help!


Phone: 07834 982518

(but please no texts/Whatsapps except ON THE BIG DAY because they’re not part of my workflow and I’ll probably forget to reply. Sorry.)