Someone recently asked me what kind of wedding I’d LOVE to photograph… I’ve loved every single wedding I’ve shot over the last two and a half years… That’s nearly 70 weddings… But, it made me think… And I made a bucket list!

If you’re reading this and planning a wedding that involves aaaaany of the following stuff, TELL ME ABOUT IT and I can promise you there’s an exclusive discount to be had.

New things make me work harder and push me to try new stuff and that’s what I’m all about. I can’t wait to hear from you!

  • A day of the dead themed wedding
  • A wedding in Digbeth
  • A wedding with fairground rides *especially* bumper cars
  • An elopement
  • A wedding at the West Mill, Derby
  • A Game of Thrones themed wedding
  • A tipi wedding Sarah & Jon LET’S DO THIS!
  • A destination wedding
  • A wedding in Iceland (the country, although the supermarket could be interesting)
  • A Harry Potter themed wedding
  • A wedding with a non-traditional wedding dress
  • A wedding in Scotland Michelle + Robert I’ll see you on Loch Lomond!
  • A wedding in a castle
  • A wedding where the venue *really* isn’t a typical wedding venue Fiona & Daniel’s polytunnel nursery garden wedding a gogo!
  • A beach wedding in the UK
  • A cool urban inner city wedding

By the same token, if you’re planning something that you think belongs on my wedding photography bucket list then please do get in touch… I’d love to hear from you.